The Kenjarhy Vision

Kenjarhy Logo Lorraine

The Kenjarhy Logo.

The Kenjarhy story is a very unique one. Derived from the directors Kim and Brad Draper’s three children. KENdall, JARrod & RHYs.

The Kenjarhy logo was originally designed by Brad’s aunty, Lorraine Jerries a Wiradjuri Elder residing in Cowra NSW. The original logo, pictured, represents the story of the three children Kendall, Jarrod and Rhys. The coloured dots represent the individuals and the colours reflect the different personalities of each child. The children are connected to each other by the white dots. The white dots represent the importance of the continuous connection of family throughout life journey, to each other and to country.


Kenjarhy Work


Kim’s Philosophy

Believe Achieve Succeed


My goal is to place Aboriginal people into ongoing sustainable employment. Placing Aboriginal people into sustainable jobs has a profound impact on their self esteem and confidence and positively impacts on their family and extended community.

To allow Aboriginal children the basic right of an education on a regular basis will have an enormous impact on how Kenjarhy can work with local high schools in establishing trainee work place programs for Aboriginal adolescents to remain at school and gain skills relevant to life after school.

Kenjarhy is committed to educating and training Aboriginal people to aspire to anything they believe they can be. “Believe Achieve Succeed” is an important part of the Kenjarhy employment process.

BELIEVE     Believe in what you want to be. Anything is achievable.

ACHIEVE    Achieve this through training, education and support.

SUCCEED   Working and living a life you are proud of is success.

Education, training and sustainable employment are major contributors to overcoming the welfare cycle. Education and training is an area continually littered with costly failures and billions of dollars are wasted on training programs which prove pointless. Kenjarhy believe in training people for “real outcomes” and “real jobs” and also offering ongoing support to employers who engage Aboriginal employees.

Indigenous employment and economic development are vital to breaking the cycle of indigenous inequality. This is a commitment Kenjarhy has made to The Traditional owners of the land.

I have only ever wanted with all of my heart and ability to make a positive change in the lives of aboriginal people. By establishing Kenjarhy I am able to fulfil this passion and commitment every day.