Understanding Aboriginal Culture is extremely important for our clients in moving forward.

KENJARHY has an objective to deliver a structured and interactive “Aboriginal Cultural Awareness” Program in a gentle/ respectful and honourable manner. During our workshops presenters will carefully and skilfully transfer selected pieces of knowledge about Aboriginal Culture and Heritage to all participants. This knowledge will manifest in a renewed understanding and appreciation for the continued connection to Country and Culture many Aboriginal people share today:

Proposed Workshop

1. Understanding the past is key to understanding the present
(A) Traditional “Welcome to Country” performed by a local Aboriginal Elder
(B) Traditional Aboriginal Culture and Social Organisation
(C) Group activities
(D) Debriefing Session

2. Walk Through Country - Local Aboriginal Guide
(A) Local Mission/HJstorical Events Locally
(B) Cultural Tools/Weapons

3. Aboriginal History - White Australia Policies & Stolen Generations
(A) Aboriginal Historical Timeline
(B) Group Activity
(C) Documentary - Stolen Generations (This film raises many important issues / and tells us about racial discrimination, stereotyping and perception)
(D) Group Activity
(E) Debriefing session.

Your Responsibilities

This workshop demands significant commitment by you and the participants to willingly attend and actively engage in workshop activities. To help achieve a smooth and successful implementation of our program we ask that all participants come to our program with an “Open Mind”.


The intended result of this workshop is threefold;

1. To assist our clients whom regularly interact with Aboriginal people to develop cultural proficiency to a point where they are confident they can provide appropriate, respectful and caring services to Aboriginal people.

2. To increase our clients capacity to provide an appropriate, respectful and supportive workplace and ensuring you retain Aboriginal staff/

3. To promote your organisation amongst the Aboriginal Communities in which you work and operate as a preferred service and employment provider.