KENJARHY Aboriginal Mining Services (KAMS) was established in 2012 as a direct result of the employment and training opportunities within the mining and resources industries in and around Western NSW. Managing Director, Brad Draper, a proud Wiradjuri descendent has been involved in contracting services and labour hire within the Mining/Civil and Resources Sectors for some time. Having worked within both State and Federal Government, he created KENJARHY so as to have a vehicle that can “make a difference” and give substantial outcomes. KENJARHY allows the Aboriginal Communities it works within to drive the employment and training outcomes derived through its contract negotiations.

After extensive consultation with Mining/Civil and Resources based Industries, as well as Local, State and Commonwealth bodies, it was clear that an Aboriginal Owned and Operated entity was the vehicle to achieve many of the goals in which we want to achieve.

KENJARHY was created to embrace a broad expertise and skills base, so as to negotiate and navigate the pathways to success. The Board was created on the premise of key principles, and operational areas: recognition and liason, day to day operational requirements, financial and planning capacity as well as industry expertise. The company’s Corporate Governance and Direction is managed by the depth of our Board.

KENJARHY is 100% Aboriginal owned and operated, and thus we have the ability and expertise, to manage substantial contracts within the Mining/Civil and Resources Sectors. This allows KENJARHY to directly improve the long term social and economic impacts that affect our people, through direct income creation (Jobs and Careers)

The primary focus of the company is to the Mining/Civil and Resources sectors, providing a range of services (Capabilities).

The company provides Indigenous & and; Non Indigenous people access to training opportunities to enable them to gain the skills and experience necessary to be employed within the Mining/Civil and Resources sectors. KENJARHY aims to engage 70% Indigenous candidates within its workforce, with a minimum of 80% achieved at all times.

It seeks to employ local people in the direct locations of where the mines are first, before considering outside candidates to fulfil employment and contract services. Whilst we are concentrated within the Mining/Civil and Resources sectors at present, KENJARHY has a broad range of products and services that may be diversified into other industries.