Indigenous Procurement Policy

Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy & NSW Contingent Workforce

KENJARHY Services are proud to be offered the opportunity to work with both the Commonwealth of Australia, in its Indigenous Procurement Policy and be a supplier of workforce solutions to the NSW State Government, though its Contingent Workforce (Mainstream).

As a company that operates across a range of disciplines, the opportunity to work with multiple government agencies in meeting their procurement requirements, is exciting. These  policies,  open doors that might sometimes never have been opened. It allows us to compete on commercial terms with the larger National and International supply companies.

The policies  allow  KENJARHY to employ our own people and assist in some small way of closing the gap.

We see this as an opportunity to change the perception of Government Agencies as to exactly what an Indigenous Company is and what can be delivered within their individual Departments. Our mandate through these opportunities is to challenge what is normal and change that perception.  It places KENJARHY front and centre in a hand in glove approach to ensure we are considered for Government works and procurement, whether through direct contracting opportunities or working as a sub- contractor within the supply chain.

These opportunities will stimulate the Indigenous Business sector and award the entrepreneurial nature of Indigenous Businesses in a way that allows us to make the changes we want, and need within our communities. Job opportunities change lives, and in this, we see these opportunities as creating a vibrant future for Aboriginal people.

The opportunity to work in a collaborative approach with Government Agencies across the: Agriculture, Communications, Defence,  Education & Training, Employment, Environment, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Trade, Health, Human Services, Immigration/Border Protection and Attorney Generals portfolios is an exciting era in Government policy development.

The opportunities within both of these policies are on COMMERCIAL TERMS and this is the only way in which KENJARHY will operate, regardless as to the value of the procurement.

We look forward to assisting your Departments meet the challenges of these exciting times. We want to be known as an Indigenous “Go to” Agency given the scope of our services and contracting abilities through our Joint Venture Partnerships.